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My current projects: tablet weaving and German brickstitch embroidery

My projects at the moment are headed towards my wedding next summer. The list of crafts to do is a mile long, since I have to wardrobe the wedding party of 6 people. Plus I have to host few craft weekends during the spring for the quests who wish to make medieval costumes for them selves.

I will try and update the progress of my crafts here, but I think will not tell what they all are for or for whom. This is because I like to try and keep some element of surprise to my wedding guests of whats to come.

This first project is my tablet weaving project no. 1. This is a brocade pattern no. 15 from Anna Neuper’s Modelbuch by Nancy Spies. This is my very first attempt at brocade technique and since I have plenty of wool yarns I decided to use wool instead of getting metallic one for this first attemt. I think the pattern looks nice even with wool.


This second project is German brickstitch embroidery project. People who are familiar with medieval brickstitching, might gues what it will be, but lets keep the mystery for others to figure out. Again I’m using my wool yarns for this project instead of silk.


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